Mironov, Sergej L.

Curriculum vitae

1970 - 1975
1975 - 1979

1979 - 1989

1989 - 1993
1993 - 1995
University Kiew, Natural Sciences
Dept. Quantum Chemistry, Inst. Phys. Chem, Kiew/PhD Student
PhD Thesis in Physical Chemistry:
Electron transport in 1- und 2-dimensionall Systems. Dr. rer. nat.
Dept. Gen. Physiol., Bogomoletz Inst. Physiology
Habilitation in Physiology:
Mechanisms of Ca2+ binding and transport in neurons
MPI für Psychiatrie, München
Univ. Salzburg, Guest professor
Dept. Neuro- und Sensory Physiology, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

List of Publications

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