News + Events

2018-05-24, 13:00h

Hyokeun Park
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China
“Real-time Three-dimensional, Nanometer-Accuracy Tracking of Single Synaptic Vesicles in Live Hippocampal Neurons“
MPIem, Library seminar room
Hermann-Rein-Straße 3

2018-05-31, 17:00h

Prof. U. Valentin Nägerl
Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences (IINS), Bordeaux, France
“Super-resolution shadow imaging of brain extracellular space“
BIN, Conference room, 3rd Floor
Von-Siebold-Straße 3a

2018-06-01, 11:00h

Prof. Jeroen Pasterkamp
Department of Translational Neuroscience, UMC Utrecht, Netherlands
“Molecular mechanisms of motor neuron disease“
BIN, Seminar room
Von-Siebold-Straße 3a

2018-06-19, 12:00h

SFB889 Colloquium
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Stieglitz
Department of Microsystems (IMTEK), University of Freiburg
“Stability of materials and flexible neuronal probes for recording, electrical and optical stimulation“
Lecture hall 55, UMG
Robert-Koch-Straße 40

2018-06-20, 16:15h

Dr. Andre M. Bastos
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, USA
“Laminar recordings in frontal cortex suggest distinct layers for maintenance and control of working memory“
Lecture hall, DPZ
Kellnerweg 4

2018-07-12, 17:15h

Microscopy Club
Cyril Ruckebusch
Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France
“A chemometric view of super-resolution fluorescence imaging“
Laser Laboratory Göttingen, Seminar room
Hans-Adolf-Krebs-Weg 1

2018-07-13, 13:00h

Tamas Balla, M.D., Ph.D.
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, USA
“Using PI4P Gradients for Lipid Transport at Membrane Contact Sites“
Neurophysiology, Library 1st Floor
Humboldtallee 23