PD Dr. Sergej L. Mironov



  • RAS: 1982-1986 – Dihydropyridines as modulators of calcium channels
  • AvH: 1989-1991 – Mechanisms of calcium channel modulation
  • FWF: 1992-1994 – Mechanisms of calcium influx and calcium release in neurons
  • INTAS: 1998-2000 – Organisation, dynamics and molecular structure of the physical contacts between mitochondria in nerve and cardiac cells
  • SFB 406: 1995-2001 – Synaptic interactions in neuronal networks
  • GRK 723: 2000-2003 – Crosstalk between mitochondria and endoplasmatic reticulm via permeability transition pores.
  • DFG: 2009-2013 – Subcellular interactions between Ca2+ and cAMP in determining neuronal activity
  • CMPB: 2001- Neuronal and synaptic activities in Rett Syndrome

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanisms of ion channel selectivity
  • Surface potential of neurones
  • Neuronal activities (recording and modeling)
  • Signalling pathways controlling Ca2+ channels and intracellular [Ca2+] homeostasis
  • Mechanisms of Ca2+-induced Ca2+-release, modulation and functional role
  • Metabotropic ATP-receptors in the CNS neurons
  • Hippocampal and respiratory neural networks; Mechanisms of respiratory rhythmogenesis and neuromodulation
  • Ion channels and synaptic transmission under hypoxia
  • KATP channels and mechanisms of regulation
  • TRPM channels and mechanisms of regulation
  • Mitochondrial functions (potential, Ca2+, redox, etc.) in neurons
  • Trafficking and dynamic organization of mitochondria and ER
  • Function and structure of neuronal networks

Areas of Expertise

  • Electrophysiology (Whole-cell and single-channel recording in neurones and BLM)
  • Optical imaging (confocal and two-photon scanning microscopy)
  • FRET
  • Flash-photolysis
  • Ion-sensitive microelectrodes
  • Synaptic transmission
  • Respiratory function
  • Cell metabolism and hypoxia
  • Biophysical models and modeling
  • Computational neuroscience


Group Members:

PD Dr. Sergej L. Mironov, Group Leader
Nicole Hartelt, Technical Assistant


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