My tasks in digital image processing are (photo)graphic support in the creation of posters, flyers, folders, etc. This also includes the independent design of such advertising and information media. Here, the graphic support of the Institute’s public relations work should be emphasised, including the design of posters for events outside the Institute (DTP) and the design and maintenance of the institute’s website.

The activities also include the creation of high-quality scans of overhead- and transparency templates and the processing of these for specific purposes. Furthermore the optimisation of already existing image files by, for example, retouching work, image montages or the adaptation of file formats for the intended purpose (print or screen presentation).

At the University Medical Center Göttingen, internal research evaluation and the management of research-relevant resources are supported by the FACTScience system. For this purpose, publication and third-party funding data are assigned to the institutions. These are evaluated according to a predefined procedure. The completeness of the publications published under our institute address has a significant influence on our institute funds. That is why it is important that all publications published under our institute address are recorded. As the Institute’s FACTScience Representative, I am also responsible for this recording in our Institute.

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