Among other projects, we are currently collaborating with other groups within the department to develop a range of new labelling tools. We are also improving mass spectrometry based approaches to assay the replacement of brain macromolecules.


Research Interests
Studying the principles regulating synaptic vesicle biogenesis and degradation
with cutting-edge microscopy
Clarifying the biological processes at the basis of brain aging with multiomic approaches
and bioinformatics
Exploring the basis of macromolecular turnover in the brain with a focus on neuron development

and physiology

Group Members
Dr. Eugenio F. Fornasiero, Group Leader
Kristina Jevdokimenko, Ph.D. Student
Nisha Hemandhar Kumar, Ph.D. Student
Ronja Rehm, Ph.D. Student

Tel. +49-551-39 67 930