Our research focuses on finding molecular tools to study the nano-anatomy of neurons and other biological systems. We develop tailor made small binders (aptamers & nanobodies) to detect and quantify molecules
in living and in fixed cells. For this we use different nanoscopy techniques like STED, STORM, DNA-PAINT and lately also nanoSIMS to determine with high precision the molecular localizations and quantities of our proteins of interest.

Group Members
Dr. Felipe Opazo, Group Leader
Nikoslaos Mougios, Doctoral student
Dr. Ommolbanin Asadpour, Post-Doctoral fellow
László Albert, Doctoral student
Amir Mohammad Rahimi, Doctoral student
Jannik Hentze, Chemichal-Technichal Assistant
Brigitte Salzmann-Aue, Laboratory assistant

Tel: +49-551-39 61 156
Email: fopazo(at)…