Neuroscientist from the Netherlands hopping back and forth between two beautiful countries. Started my journey in the neurophysiology department in 2021. I am fascinated about the way the brain develops and even more interested about what happens when this goes wrong. This is the reason why I signed up for working on Rett syndrome and what role mitochondrial alterations play in this neurodevelopmental disorder.

     During my PhD, we specifically focus on alterations of mitochondria in different brain regions and how this might affect the cellular oxidative stress levels. With the help of a heterozygous MeCP2-mouse model of Rett syndrome, dual-laser based excitation ratiometric 2-photon imaging, high-resolution respirometry, and biochemical assays we aim to get to the bottom of this.

     After work, you will find me doing plié at the barre, trying to conquer the pirouette, and never give up on winning the game on the tennis court. Afterwards, (of course) I deserve and enjoy to have a nice dinner where I love to point out to people how important feminism is and that everybody deserves to have the same
human rights.