Mitochondria- and metabolism-derived signaling are equally important for the dynamic responsiveness of neuronal networks, synaptic plasticity and single-cell function. Disturbed signaling and mitochondrial dysfunction are considered as the underlying causes of a variety of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases.

We analyze such mitochondria- and metabolism derived signaling in functionally intact hippocampal/ medullary preparations of rats and mice by combining classic electrophysiological approaches with high-resolution and multiphoton microscopy and the use of advanced optical sensors.


Research Interests
— Intracellular strategic positioning and functional heterogeneity of mitochondria
— Modulation of organelle interactions via mitochondria-derived signaling (ROS, NOS, Ca2+, ATP)
— Intracellular signaling function of ROS and redox changes in complex neuronal networks
— Defined redox modulation of cellular proteins (ion channels, receptors, regulatory and structural
proteins) by changes in mitochondrial metabolism
— Mitochondrial dysfunction and redox imbalance in Rett syndrome
— Responses of complex neuronal networks to metabolic compromise

Group Members
Prof. Dr. Michael Müller, Group Leader
M.Sc. Gocha Golubiani, PhD Student
M.Sc. Laura van Agen, PhD Student
Moritz Kirschner, MD Student

Tel. +49-551-39 65 909